June 2017 – TradeCoast Industrial Sub 2,000sqm

9 June, 2017 / Vanessa Rader and Jared Doyle

The Brisbane TradeCoast market is often associated with large logistic users given its advantageous location to the port and airport facilities.

However in the sub 2,000sqm Industrial market there is strong demand by smaller business operators to both buy and rent in this location, highlighting this growing owner occupier and private investor sales market. Prime quality stock is in high demand for rent by many small businesses with a mix of tenant type spread across this region. Users such as automotive, consumer, trade and construction all feature around this location keeping rents up while secondary assets face a greater challenge.

The investment market is also performing well, with owner occupier businesses being able to access finance to purchase as an alternative to renting while private investors can see the value proposition of these assets. Their low price point and reasonable occupancy levels for prime stock has seen many investors jump in given the reasonable yield range on offer compared to many other assets across the country. Low barriers of entry with affordable lending have seen sales volume high over the last three years while investment returns continue to be compressed.

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